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Working from home?

Now has never been a better time to invest an hour or more in the Virtual Classroom.

As good as the real classroom - mix and match one or more modules that are relevant to you! Contact me for a free trial session and chat about what you will learn.


The Virtual Classroom

Our courses have always been available through the Virtual Classroom, run in either Zoom, Microsoft Teams or any platform you request. Many of us are 'working from home', 'shielding' or just plain 'at home'. Never has it been more important and useful for you to keep up your skills and to upskill. Take this time to learn how to analyse your data in an Excel Pivot Table or find out why Word and Outlook keep indenting your paragraphs. Learn how to design and present a set of PowerPoint slides that really stand out from the crowd.

Learn a completely new package - how about creating Flow Charts or Organisation charts in Visio; is Mailmerge really a thing of the past? What do all those buttons do on the Outlook toolbar - learn about Quick Parts and Quick Steps.

And for some relaxation, take up some image editing and I'll walk you through the vast array of Photoshop filters, how to select pixels and finally get to grips with Photoshop masks.

All our courses can be delivered in a series of one hour modules, but here's a taste of how our Excel face to face classroom courses are delivered in the Virtual Classroom.

Excel in the Virtual Classroom

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